Oxenford (olden time name for Oxford)

Exactly a week ago I had the opportunity (mandatory) to travel to Oxford to see C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien’s colleges, as well as the Eagle and Child where their writing group the Inklings met, and C.S. Lewis’s dwelling “The Kilns.”

For the first leg of our journey, a walking tour around the various colleges (Magdalen, Merton, Balliol, Exeter, Trinity, etc…..) we had a tour guide named Petere, who was quite enthusiastic.  He was also very into the movie Shadowlands about C.S. Lewis and his wife Joy. More on them later…


street of oxford


the radcliffe camera, not to be confused with the “click click” camera

After our explorations, we finally made it to the Eagle and Child, were I lunched upon delicious fish and chips. Some of my friends partook in the brew “Hoptimus Prime” which I found quite punny. It was awesome to finally be able to go to this pub, and though I can’t say I was inspired to write a grandiose fantasy novel, I was impressed nevertheless, nerdy as I am.


Unrelated, but I need to eat here when Oxford week comes around!

ImageImageThen, it was time to take the trip to the Kilns.  We were greeted by Americans, oddly, one of whom was a theologist in residence who literally lived in CS Lewis’s house and was like obsessed with him. I learned some interesting things, but mostly that when is friend Paddy Moore died in the war, Lewis had promised to take care of his mother for him. Turns out he really took care of Mrs. Moore–they got a little frisky. Ew, right?! More interestingly, she ended up living with him later but in a platonic, motherly way, because she was a lot older.  Lewis’s relationship with his wife was also interesting–she basically stalked him all the way to England and they had deep conversations, decided to get married so she could stay in the country, but then she got cancer and Lewis realized he loved her.

I can’t even. So strange. Informative tour, though, so I’m not complaining. Then we went to see the church he worshipped at and his grave… 


at some point he lost the keys to the room between his and the rest of the house (once Mrs. Moores) and so he installed stairs so he had to climb these each time he wanted to go to his bedroom… were there no locksmiths in oxford?



Then we got stuck in traffic on the way home and it was excruciating. 


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