Lazy Friday

I can probably count on one hand the amount of time I’ve been alone since I’ve gotten here. This is great, because I’ve probably been accustomed to too much alone time, plus if ever even wanted any here I would have serious FOMO. But now Mimi is in Belgium for the weekend and the other two are on a full day field trip to Jane Austen’s home or something like that … I might wish I were in Belgium but anything Jane Austen related is enough to make me want to run away. 

So, for the first time, I have our flat to myself.  I watched TV in the morning without earphones.  I’ve been doing some laundry.  Opened some windows.  Went pee with the door open.  Nothing too drastic, but when I went outside it was a bit different.  I noticed people more–I wasn’t focused on a conversation or getting as fast as I could to a destination.  I felt almost conspicuous, but I really enjoyed people watching in the afternoon gloom.  Just something interesting for me to think about, I guess–being alone isn’t always a bad thing. 

I did go out with a purpose, which was to purchase a copy of The Casual Vacancy. But Taylor, why are you buying a copy of a book you already have? Great question–its because I’M GOING ON A DATE WITH JK ROWLING TONIGHT  I GET TO SEE JK ROWLING TALK TONIGHT! Of course a die hard nerd like me is excited, even though she will only be discussing The Casual Vacancy and nothing Harry Potter related whatsoever, or even allowing children in. I actually ran into my writing professor in the store (SMALL FREAKIN’ WORLD) and he was sort of mad at her for trying to make the general public forget that she’d written a wildly successful children’s series, and I do agree.


Anyway, I needed a copy for her to sign.  I got the last copy of it at Mr. B’s Book Emporium (which is apparently one of the best independent bookstores in the country, so I guess Jo would be proud that I bought it there) after trying chains like WH Smith and Waterstones.  I’m really excited but disappointed that I couldn’t sneak a Harry Potter in to be signed as well… I debate swapping out the covers but she’s probs a smart enough lady to realize what I have done. 


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