I’m not just sitting around reading novels. I’m experiencing culture! Obviously they speak the same language but there is of course some slang, customary differences, and the like which I am finding interesting and figured I might as well record. 

1. Toilets: We have one with a pull chain which is quite interesting, and also they are very deep– like the toilet bowl itself is quite vast. It is not like this in America. Mock me if you will, but I know I am right.

2. Sinks: At first I didn’t notice but there are like two faucets, and depending if you want hot or cold it will come out a different faucet. Weird.

3. Arugula is called rocket here. We were getting bagels and Fin asked for hers without rocket because she didn’t know what it was. Luckily, I asked for her, and we then realized it was arugula and delicious on a sandwich. 

4. The word posh is used quite often. Usually it is referring to wealth, status, accents, etc. Sometimes when I go out in heels I will say I look posh. I usually don’t.

5. Chav = actually an acronym for council house (kind of like the projects) and violent. British version of white trash. Not sure if appropriate to use often. 

6. REFRIGERATION: Brits apparently not a fan of refrigerating things. Not sure why. Grocery stores freak me out with the eggs just chillin on a shelf. 

7. Geordie Shore is the British version of the Jersey Shore and is also produced by MTV. It is also 10x better and trashier. A woman exposes her chest within ten seconds of the first episode. Solid gold. Sometimes I have no idea what they’re saying but it’s great anyway. 

8. Made In Chelsea: The British version of The Hills except 10x more posh. At first I thought it was boring as hell but now I’m addicted and cannot stop watching.  I just want to wander around Belgravia in my fur coat and rainbow manicure like Caggie. 

9. Not to sound completely dumb but I am still consistently surprised by the cars driving on the wrong side of the road. It seems like such a small thing but it’s quite disorienting. Plus the roads are reallllly skinny.

10. Speaking of skinny, EVERYTHING HERE IS SMALLER. Stairs, streets, portion sizes, apartments, kitchens, people, etc. Do not understand. Supersize me, America!

11. Not used to having change be valuable. Keep dropping it on accident. Still getting 50 pence and 2 pounds confused because they are both sort of larger. Cashiers do not have much patience for my confusion with currency. Wish I had a coin purse but I have so many at home that I failed to tote along I would feel silly purchasing a new one. 


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