Roommate Bios

Just for some added fun, I’ll give a short personality rundown of the people I’m spending the most time with.

Emma, my roommate: Very short and bouncy with dark curly hair, reminds me of a cute elf. Seems innocent but has some funnnn stories. Loves pizza hut, Jesse McCartney and The Bachelor–ashamed of none of it. Shit you might hear Emma say: “If you insult Taylor Swift I will kill you,” “I’m really f@#&*! good at scrabble and I will beat you.”

Mimi (Mimz) : We all thought she might have been a foreign person before we met her because her full name is very ethnic but she isn’t, though she does have an EU citizenship which is sick. Also has dark curly hair. Mimi has lots of STRANGE stories which are great to listen to. She also loves rappers. Shit you might hear Mimi say: “I got a staph infection in Ghana,” “When my room was set on fire…”

Fin: (Aka Sarah, Findawg, Finnegan) Quiet when you first meet her, you soon realize she is crazy. Fin also has great stuff to tell and enjoys narrating what she is currently doing by turning it into song. Loves sheep and Kate Middleton. Eats almost as much pizza as I do. Shit you might hear Fin say: “I was a three time gold medalist in the national latin scholar competition,” “I wish I lived in the Cold War era.”


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