1. Sat by myself on the 7 hour flight to Amsterdam. Hollah atcha gurl. 

     a. Two benadryl apparently = two hours of sleep for me. Eff dat. 

     b. I LOVE IN FLIGHT MOVIES. But why the heck would they have Taken 2 on there? IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE BEING KIDNAPPED AND TRAFFICKED. 

   c. Watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower and Beasts of the Southern Wild. Neither impressed me. Mostly because they were both confusing. 


2. Amsterdam airport what are you? SO euro. 

3. Heathrow still sucky as always– had a BLAST toting my two rollys all over the airport to finally wait for my bus, which was filled with Spanish hooligans who loved reading the road signs aloud. Also while waiting for the bus I got doted upon by pigeons. 

4. Love my accommodations for mainly one reason: literally the closest to where all our classes are. 

5. Will update with more photos and info about housing later. For now, all I can say is I’VE BEEN UP FOR OVER 20 HRS


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