One Day More (One more day all on my own)

Actually not one day more until I fly to Bath but really, who can resist a Les Mis quote? Not I. It will also not be one more day all on my own, but a NEW day on my own; again, splitting hairs. My flight is tomorrow around 4 outta the BIG D (hopefully I’ll finally see eminem? does he even live here anymore? idk) and then I oddly fly through Amsterdam to Heathrow, where I will take a “coach” to Bath. We’re supposed to meet the ASE people at the train station, and though the packet said that it was on the same street as the bus station, I’m picturing myself wandering through slushy streets with my gigantor blue duffel and unable to cross the vast distance. Well. Let us dearly hope it does not come to that.

Image(kill me now?)

Frankly my nervousness is a little bit more consuming than my excitement–I’m just a homebody okay? But I’m sure once I am safely ensconced in my “flat” the apprehension will dissappear. I’m okay with travel, but I’ve never actually had to go to a foreign country by myself before and use local transportation alone.  The 8 hour flight will be easy-peasy after the 15 hours I spent on a plane last spring (13 to Korea and 2 to Ho Chi Minh City), however. Also, no language barrier in England– at least, not overtly, though the slang will probably come in time.

Casually watching ice skating with my parents with my cat in my lap drinking Baileys, which is a nice goodbye.  Though I will miss my parents it’s weird not being at school when all my friends are so it will be nice to finally be doing something with my life (and friends who are scattered throughout Europe!). BATH, HO!


so ready for this. where the shit is my ADPi fanny pack?!


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