Clearly I need a travel playlist to get me through the flight, bus rides, help me look emo enough not to talk to the annoying people next to me, etc. Some of you may know I am an eminent DJ at W&L (lol jk i DJ once a week on WLUR) but one of the things I enjoy doing is making eclectic playlists. So here it is, no theme, just some upbeat beats. (I say upbeat because traveling someplace foreign listening to depressing tunes isn’t fun. But I’ll make an exception for Les Mis.)

1. London Calling –The Clash (I mean…. duh. There isn’t a Bath Calling but I’ll make do.)

2. Are You Gonna Go My Way — Lenny Kravitz

3. With A Girl Like You — The Troggs (Guilty… I heard this on preview for that zombie movie “Warm Bodies.” But I also heard it on Girls.)

4. Gold Trans Am — Ke$ha

5. All Night Longer — Sammy Adams (Srsly when did he change his name from Sam to Sammy?)

6. At the End of the Day — Les Mis Cast

7. Thrift Shop — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Not sick of it yet!)

8. Magic — The Cars

9. C’Mon — Ke$ha

10. Big Lights — Sammy Adams

11. Va Va Voom — Nicki Minaj (Sidenote, her and Mariah feuding on American Idol is SO annoying.)

12. Anything Could Happen — Ellie Goulding

13. Love Vigilantes — New Order

14. She’s A Genius — Jet

15. Krazy — Pitbull ft. Lil’ Jon

16. Land Down Under — Men At Work

17. Inbetween Days — The Cure

18. This Charming Man — The Smiths

19. You’ll Find A Way — Santigold

20. Yes — LMFAO

21. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich — Lady GaGa

22. Ray of Light — Madonna

23. The Way You Make Me Feel — Michael Jackson

24. X Gon’ Give it to Ya — DMX

25. Promise — Eve 6


Suggestions welcome– comment with a song or 15.

iPod JAZZ HAND(s?)

iPod JAZZ HAND(s?)


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