4 Days

On Sunday I will be making a journey that will eventually get me to Bath, England (with stops in Amsterdam and London, respectively). I will be there for four months and taking four English classes (eek, lots of reading…) and will also have FOUR DAY WEEKENDS! And I’m kind of flipping my shit. I haven’t packed and I haven’t figured out transportation from Heathrow to Bath yet and I also am pretty damn poor.  But despite these obstacles I will persevere, and I’m sure I can figure out a ton of stuff when I get there.  Like where to buy a SIM card. Purchase shampoo. Learn how to change pounds to dollars in my head without using a currency converter.


The last foreign country I went to was Vietnam, which was a) only for two weeks, b) had itinerary completely planned out, c) was with people I knew since it was Spring Term, d) was pretty freakin’ cheap once you got past the whole million-dollar plane ticket thing, and e) was very warm. Thus, I am unsure how I will do in a cold climate where I don’t have a vehicle to drive myself around, opportunities to travel throughout Europe but lacking the confidence to just jump in and go somewhere, make friends, and spend four months without many people or comforts I have grown used to.


This being said, I am truly excited. I am so happy to have the chance to explore more of England (I’ve only been to London), make new friends (hopefully hot british men, duh), drink some tea, and become more worldly. Oh, and learn, of course.




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