1. Sat by myself on the 7 hour flight to Amsterdam. Hollah atcha gurl. 

     a. Two benadryl apparently = two hours of sleep for me. Eff dat. 

     b. I LOVE IN FLIGHT MOVIES. But why the heck would they have Taken 2 on there? IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE BEING KIDNAPPED AND TRAFFICKED. 

   c. Watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower and Beasts of the Southern Wild. Neither impressed me. Mostly because they were both confusing. 


2. Amsterdam airport what are you? SO euro. 

3. Heathrow still sucky as always– had a BLAST toting my two rollys all over the airport to finally wait for my bus, which was filled with Spanish hooligans who loved reading the road signs aloud. Also while waiting for the bus I got doted upon by pigeons. 

4. Love my accommodations for mainly one reason: literally the closest to where all our classes are. 

5. Will update with more photos and info about housing later. For now, all I can say is I’VE BEEN UP FOR OVER 20 HRS


One Day More (One more day all on my own)

Actually not one day more until I fly to Bath but really, who can resist a Les Mis quote? Not I. It will also not be one more day all on my own, but a NEW day on my own; again, splitting hairs. My flight is tomorrow around 4 outta the BIG D (hopefully I’ll finally see eminem? does he even live here anymore? idk) and then I oddly fly through Amsterdam to Heathrow, where I will take a “coach” to Bath. We’re supposed to meet the ASE people at the train station, and though the packet said that it was on the same street as the bus station, I’m picturing myself wandering through slushy streets with my gigantor blue duffel and unable to cross the vast distance. Well. Let us dearly hope it does not come to that.

Image(kill me now?)

Frankly my nervousness is a little bit more consuming than my excitement–I’m just a homebody okay? But I’m sure once I am safely ensconced in my “flat” the apprehension will dissappear. I’m okay with travel, but I’ve never actually had to go to a foreign country by myself before and use local transportation alone.  The 8 hour flight will be easy-peasy after the 15 hours I spent on a plane last spring (13 to Korea and 2 to Ho Chi Minh City), however. Also, no language barrier in England– at least, not overtly, though the slang will probably come in time.

Casually watching ice skating with my parents with my cat in my lap drinking Baileys, which is a nice goodbye.  Though I will miss my parents it’s weird not being at school when all my friends are so it will be nice to finally be doing something with my life (and friends who are scattered throughout Europe!). BATH, HO!


so ready for this. where the shit is my ADPi fanny pack?!


Clearly I need a travel playlist to get me through the flight, bus rides, help me look emo enough not to talk to the annoying people next to me, etc. Some of you may know I am an eminent DJ at W&L (lol jk i DJ once a week on WLUR) but one of the things I enjoy doing is making eclectic playlists. So here it is, no theme, just some upbeat beats. (I say upbeat because traveling someplace foreign listening to depressing tunes isn’t fun. But I’ll make an exception for Les Mis.)

1. London Calling –The Clash (I mean…. duh. There isn’t a Bath Calling but I’ll make do.)

2. Are You Gonna Go My Way — Lenny Kravitz

3. With A Girl Like You — The Troggs (Guilty… I heard this on preview for that zombie movie “Warm Bodies.” But I also heard it on Girls.)

4. Gold Trans Am — Ke$ha

5. All Night Longer — Sammy Adams (Srsly when did he change his name from Sam to Sammy?)

6. At the End of the Day — Les Mis Cast

7. Thrift Shop — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Not sick of it yet!)

8. Magic — The Cars

9. C’Mon — Ke$ha

10. Big Lights — Sammy Adams

11. Va Va Voom — Nicki Minaj (Sidenote, her and Mariah feuding on American Idol is SO annoying.)

12. Anything Could Happen — Ellie Goulding

13. Love Vigilantes — New Order

14. She’s A Genius — Jet

15. Krazy — Pitbull ft. Lil’ Jon

16. Land Down Under — Men At Work

17. Inbetween Days — The Cure

18. This Charming Man — The Smiths

19. You’ll Find A Way — Santigold

20. Yes — LMFAO

21. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich — Lady GaGa

22. Ray of Light — Madonna

23. The Way You Make Me Feel — Michael Jackson

24. X Gon’ Give it to Ya — DMX

25. Promise — Eve 6


Suggestions welcome– comment with a song or 15.

iPod JAZZ HAND(s?)

iPod JAZZ HAND(s?)


Being me, packing is the foremost of my concerns (probably not rightly so, but what can you do? Answer: not a lot. No matter how much Mom reminds me to be practical. It’s not my fault I’ll be there through the change of seasons and might visit somewhere warmer!)

mom trying to hit me as i pack an unneeded shirt into my suitcase

mom trying to hit me as i pack an unneeded shirt into my suitcase

Problem #1: I HATE NAVIGATING AIRLINE WEBSITES. Mom and I got different answers when we came up with how much Delta charged for a second piece of luggage when traveling overseas. So for now we are going to try to fit everything into my giant LL Bean duffel and a teensy (or as Audrey would say, weenie) rolly carry on. That isn’t big enough for as many shoes as I want to bring!

this bitch clearly isn't properly concerned about how to fit stuff in her suitcase

this bitch clearly isn’t properly concerned about how to fit stuff in her suitcase

Some big questions:

Green or red wellies? (Already ruled out the blue plaid.)

Do I need my Bean Boots as well? Or should I choose them OVER wellies?

Can I really get by with just TWO coats? (Barbour and long navy wool. Enough versatility? I hear they don’t wear color in Europe which is vaguely upsetting–guess my chartreuse coat can’t come along.)

Lexington is not exactly a clubbing mecca. Or pub mecca. I’ve heard you actually need to wear nice shoes when you go out for a drink or five in England. This I think does not mean cowboy boots. Taylor doesn’t do heels unless it’s Homecoming, Christmas Weekend, or FD, and even then I provide a change of shoes for my added convenience. So, I have to pick between which of my three pairs of heels that I want to sacrifice.

Sweaters- 50% of my closet might be sweaters. Many are cardigans. Every sweater is precious to me; how can I pare these down?

I also don’t really own going out clothes. One time I went to a party in an argyle sweater.

Bringing all my underwear and that’s final.

Warm clothes? Seems like it COULD be 60 degrees in April and May… do I need shorts? ASDFGGHJHLLD

lol that'll be me

lol that’ll be me

idk wtf this is about but will there be room for my new boyfriend, Prince Harry, in my suitcase when I go home?!?

idk wtf this is about but will there be room for my new boyfriend, Prince Harry, in my suitcase when I go home?!?

4 Days

On Sunday I will be making a journey that will eventually get me to Bath, England (with stops in Amsterdam and London, respectively). I will be there for four months and taking four English classes (eek, lots of reading…) and will also have FOUR DAY WEEKENDS! And I’m kind of flipping my shit. I haven’t packed and I haven’t figured out transportation from Heathrow to Bath yet and I also am pretty damn poor.  But despite these obstacles I will persevere, and I’m sure I can figure out a ton of stuff when I get there.  Like where to buy a SIM card. Purchase shampoo. Learn how to change pounds to dollars in my head without using a currency converter.


The last foreign country I went to was Vietnam, which was a) only for two weeks, b) had itinerary completely planned out, c) was with people I knew since it was Spring Term, d) was pretty freakin’ cheap once you got past the whole million-dollar plane ticket thing, and e) was very warm. Thus, I am unsure how I will do in a cold climate where I don’t have a vehicle to drive myself around, opportunities to travel throughout Europe but lacking the confidence to just jump in and go somewhere, make friends, and spend four months without many people or comforts I have grown used to.


This being said, I am truly excited. I am so happy to have the chance to explore more of England (I’ve only been to London), make new friends (hopefully hot british men, duh), drink some tea, and become more worldly. Oh, and learn, of course.